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Agile and Governance – Building effective relationships


Agile and Governance – Building effective relationships


March 23


06:30 pm - 08:00 pm

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BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT

Running agile transformations in the complex corporate world come listen to discussion on complications and frustrations that can exist.


Barbara Roberts

Andrew Craddock


18:25 – Webinar starts

20:00 – Webinar ends


Both speakers have a long track record of running agile transformations in the complex corporate world, and understand only too well the complications and frustrations that often arise – both from the corporate governance perspective and from the viewpoint of the owner of the agile change.

All too often this frustration is founded on misunderstandings on both sides: that agile is exempt from governance (!), or that the existing corporate ways of working are sacrosanct (!).

Barbara and Andrew will address some common misunderstandings and explore:

• How agile fits together with governance and compliance, and how governance can be aligned to the Agile Manifesto.

• How to build effective relationships between the PMO, the agile teams, the projects and senior stakeholders

• How agile affects existing processes e.g. project reporting, and the key behaviours needed to support the PMO working together with agile teams.

Both speakers presented a similar topic to the BCS Spring School which was very well received.


Barbara Roberts was actively engaged with the Agile Business (formerly DSDM) Consortium since its inception and was the Consortium Director for Professional Development for 20+ years. Creating AgilePM was Barbara’s initial idea. She also wrote or co-authored many of the published Consortium’s guidance books, e.g. Estimating in Agile pocketbook, Agile Portfolio Management minibook.

Barbara specialises in Agile in the complex corporate world. Known for her common-sense and pragmatic approach to Agile, she regularly speaks at agile events around the world. She has led many successful Agile transformations in most industry sectors, coaching all levels to address issues associated with agile transformations.

Andrew Craddock became Chairman of the Agile Business Consortium in 2020 at a time of considerable change as it reshapes itself to deliver on its mission of advancing business agility worldwide. Over the years, he has observed how comprehensively the clash between Agile philosophy and traditional governance undermines the potential of even ‘doing’ Agile effectively let alone enabling the value that comes from ‘being Agile’ as a business could bring.

Andrew hopes that the insight he can offer on Agile governance, coupled with Barbara’s successes in helping shape effective relationships can be used to unlock potential in your organisation.

Our events are for adults aged 16 years and over.



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