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An introduction to Business Process Modelling (BPM) in healthcare


An introduction to Business Process Modelling (BPM) in healthcare


BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT

In this first webinar in a series we will cover what BPM is and its many potential benefits in healthcare.


Dr Grazia Antonacci

Deputy Theme Lead Innovation and Evaluation, National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Applied Research Collaboration (ARC) North-West London, Imperial College London, School of Public Health.


18:00 – Introduction

18:10 – Presentation – Dr Grazia Antonacci

18:40 – Q&A

19:00 – Close


This is the first in a series of webinars on Business Process Modelling in Health and Social Care. These webinars will explain the many potential benefits of BPM and how it can help with quality and process improvement as well as service transformation.

This first webinar will provide a broad introduction to BPM in healthcare and cover:

• Process Mapping in healthcare: Why do it?

• What Process Mapping is and its origins

• Use in healthcare settings

• Guidance/quality criteria to conduct a process mapping exercise

• Evidence of benefits

• Challenges


Grazia Antonacci is Deputy theme lead for Innovation and Evaluation for NIHR ARC NWL and a research associate in the Department of Primary Care and Public Health at Imperial College London. Her research interests include the design, adoption, implementation, spread and sustainability of innovation in healthcare systems. She is involved in research exploring the use in practice of quality improvement methods and approaches as well as the implementation and spread of innovations in healthcare systems, including digital technologies and frugal innovations.

She is the lead author of the seminal paper Process mapping in healthcare: a systematic review and will be discussing the findings during the webinar.

Grazia joined Imperial College in 2016. She has a Master’s Degree in Science in Industrial and Management Engineering, a Postgraduate Master’s Degree in Management of Healthcare Organizations and a PhD in Enterprise Engineering.

Before joining Imperial College, Grazia worked in pharmaceutical and consulting firms. Her early career included 10 years as a senior manager concerned with process improvement at an Italian research hospital .

Our events are for adults aged 16 years and over.

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