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Bye Bye Burnout, Hello Breakthrough


Bye Bye Burnout, Hello Breakthrough


June 30


06:00 pm - 07:00 pm

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General Assembly

Do you feel your To Do list never ends whilst your reserves ended long ago? Join us for a session to break through the mental hurdles!

Do you feel your To Do list never ends whilst your reserves ended long ago? Do you feel guilty when you’re not working, or you feel you can’t stop? Whilst it may feel like there’s no end in sight, we’re here to help you get off that COVID hamster wheel and get your mojo back.

If you’re ready to try a different approach that doesn’t tell you to just quit your job or go on a yoga retreat, then join us for a webinar packed full of mindset tricks and positive psychology tips.

You’ll come away with tangible ways you can get that Breakthrough you so want, without breaking yourself in the process.


Dina Grishin

Dina is a straight-talking life coach. Based in London, coaching worldwide, she doesn’t do small talk. Instead she can help you grow some balls in order to go for the big dreams you’ve always wanted.

With a BA in Psychology & an MSc in Coaching & Positive Psychology, Dina’s coaching is grounded in evidence-based studies. However, she leaves the dry stuff out and instead incorporates creativity, story-telling, humour and fun into her workshops and programs, because life is serious enough!

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