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How to Cut your Tax Bill


How to Cut your Tax Bill


July 22


11:30 am - 12:30 pm

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General Assembly

Join Pivot Weath’s Founder Ben Nash, to find out how to be smarter with your tax this financial year!

Australia has one of the highest personal tax rates in the world, and while tax is important, you don’t want to pay more tax than you have to. And the more tax savings you can find, the more money you have for investing, growing assets or just saving for a post COVID-19 holiday!

In this session, we’ll cut through the noise and help you understand the key things to understand and think about so you can (legally) reduce your tax, plan smart with tax when you invest, and ultimately keep more of your hard earned income so you can grow your assets and investments faster.

Please note: this session is centered around individual tax planning and will not get into tax planning for business owners.


  • General tax overview and how the marginal tax rate system works in Australia
  • The most effective tax saving strategies and how to implement them
  • Some of the lesser known tax planning tools and how to use them to hold onto more of your income
  • How tax works with different types of investments, and how to invest in a tax smart way

Your Presenter:

Ben Nash

Founder & Financial Adviser,

Pivot Wealth

Pivot Wealth

Pivot Wealth was created to help young professionals create a life that isn’t limited by money. We can help you make smarter choices, learn the rules of the game, and get more out of what you have now.

We focus on putting you in the driver’s seat so you can build a money strategy that gives you balance. Our passion is helping you find the perfect balance between living the life you want today, while you make the financial progress you want to set up your future.

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